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Questionable Call By The Official? Show Players Your Poise

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Mike Brey (@NDMikeBrey) is the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Notre Dame. He led his 2014-2015 team to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament. His success in South Bend includes leading nearly every one of his teams to post-season play and being named Big East Coach of the Year in 2007, 2008 and 2011.

Earlier, he was head coach at University of Delaware, and before that he was an assistant coach at Duke University, serving on the back-to-back national championship teams of 1991 and 1992. A PCA National Advisory Board Member, Mike graduated from George Washington University in 1982. He played for and coached with legendary high school coach Morgan Wootten at DeMatha High School.

In this video, Mike advises that coaches move on to the next play despite any questionable officiating and only talk to officials calmly and during breaks in the action. Don't let officials' calls distract you from your team. Players need their coach's attention and need to see their coach as poised and confident, not rattled by officiating.

Coaches who overreact to officials' calls send the message to players that it is OK for them to do so, as well. That has obvious negative effects on the individual player, such as potential technical fouls and ejections, plus the possibility of a viral spread of bad behavior, bad body language and distraction among teammates. Players who see their coach staying poised are more likely to maintain their own composure.