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Script To Sportsmanship: Honoring the Game

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Learning from sports goes beyond skills and tactics on the field. Coaches have a responsibility to the players and parents that they’ll help develop better athletes and better people. In that light, teaching respect and sportsmanship is a crucial aspect of coaching.

Learning and appreciating the value of respect will positively impact a young person’s life. It’s not only an important skill to have for a successful life, but it will lead to a more positive experience for all the players, coaches, parents, officials and fans involved with your school or youth sports organization.

At Positive Coaching Alliance, we call this Honoring the Game. Encouraging everyone involved to Honor the Game will raise the standards for appropriate behavior and will hopefully eliminate negativity that doesn't belong in sport. Almost everyone has heard stories of parents yelling, kids acting inappropriately or coaches disagreeing with the officials. This behavior takes away from the bigger picture of playing sports. When those involved show they respect all aspects of the game, they are raising their experience beyond a win or a loss, and learning important life lessons that can turn them into better people.

This script helps coaches deliver this essential message to their team. Let's raise the bar for athletes of all ages to ensure players get the most from their youth sports experience.

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