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A Rivalry To Be Proud Of Through Sportsmanship

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Rivalries are a unique combination of competition and tradition in sports. They usually involve longstanding match-ups, elevated emotions and extra excitement around a win. A rivalry should be cherished and enjoyed, and also approached with care so that both teams and their fans can end the day feeling proud.

"A Rivalry To Be Proud Of" includes Honoring the Game. This Positive Coaching Alliance principle for good sportsmanship reminds leaders, coaches, parents, athletes and spectators to remember the ROOTS of what’s important in sports: respecting Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self.

Within the confines of ROOTS, there are 4 tips for creating rivalries to be proud of. The first is to cheer for your team instead of against the opponent, thereby showing respect for your opponent. The second is to proudly announce that your school. team or organization Honors the Game, by displaying stickers and other signage. Make it clear to those in attendance so that they are more likely to do the same. The third tip is to act when others are not Honoring the Game by reminding them what values your organization upholds. And finally, if your team triumphs in a rivalry, enjoy it but refrain from bragging or words or deeds that further raise emotions already running high due to the nature of rivalry itself.

To read these tips, and more information on creating proud rivalries, see the article below. Consider distributing this to the coaches in your school or youth sports organization so that more rivalries are held to these standards.

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