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9 Safety Tips To Ensure Emotional and Physical Safety of Players

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PCA has a desire to ensure high quality coaches are engaging with our youth, particularly those who have experience in social/emotional skill development and can work with youth to identify, target and help improve deficiencies. PCA will funnel volunteer coaches for best placement in communities with the most need.

Ensuring your players' emotional and physical safety are the top priorities for a coach. Players should feel comfortable, cared for, and protected. These tips will help you keep them safe:

  • Use a formal sign-in and sign-out system
  • Have proper equipment
  • Establish travel/transportation rules
  • Always take a head count
  • Implement a buddy system
  • Make sure you can see all youth
  • Be aware of physical contact rules, and beyond a high five, let player initiate
  • Be intentional in your language
  • Be aware of your tone of voice

To learn more about each tip and download the full PDF, click below!

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