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Student-Athlete Social Media Agreement

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Today’s youth are constantly connected in a way that older generations did not experience. Smart phones, tablets and computers give kids access to means of communication and social connectivity that add a new element to team management. These technologies provide useful tools for communication between teammates, fans, friends, coaches and others, but they can be dangerous. Without caution, kids could post a picture or message that can cause permanent damage to their reputation or someone else’s.

How can you keep athletes from these detrimental uses of social media? You can’t, completely. But you can teach them about their “internet footprint” and the pros and cons involved with using social media. Educate your student-athletes so they can make smart decisions online.

With the help of PCA’s National Student Athlete Advisory Board, we have created a social media agreement. This is another tool that you can use with your team to guide your discussion around social media and to get confirmation that they’ll agree to these policies. Remind them that these policies were created in the best interest of the individual athletes and to preserve team rules.

Download the Student-Athlete Social Media Agreement below.

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