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Sports play a unique and powerful role in our community. Student-athletes therefore have the ability to impact and improve their communities. Doing so is the by-product of a student-athlete becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor®, committed to improving themselves, their teammates and their sport. Improving their sport, in part, means using the power of sport to effect a greater good in the community.

A Triple-Impact Competitor's effort to help teammates improve can mean helping teammates develop as people, who then also contribute to the broader community.

High school athletes in particular have the opportunity to improve the lives around them by using their prominence to overcome social boundaries faced by their less exalted classmates. If you’re an athlete, try going to support other school activities or eating lunch with someone you wouldn’t normally. This may go a long way toward improving the lives of those classmates. There are also community service opportunities at most high schools, which give students a chance to leave a positive mark on their community. You will also be setting an example for other student and athletes to do the same, elevating everyone along with you.

This worksheet can help you grow as a Triple-Impact Competitor by providing a space for you to consider what you are already doing to improve your community, and what you could be doing better. It asks you to create an action plan, which is a great way to follow through with your improvement goals.

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