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Working Hard And Smiling Are Two Signs Of A Great Practice Environment

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Christian Lavers (@CLavers1) is the Executive Vice President of C2SA (a part of CSM NA). He leads business development efforts for both US Club Soccer and it's management company, CS2A. Lavers continues to support and consult on efforts relating to US Club Soccer, particularly in the area of strategic and technical development. Lavers is also the President of the ECNL.

The two main signs Lavers looks for to see if he has created the right environment for his team. The first is whether or not the players look like they are excited to be there. If they are smiling and having a good time, then the foundations of the right culture are there. Obviously, athletes cannot always be smiling and joking around, especially has they get older and the competition level increases, so the second thing Lavers looks for is how hard his team is working. Players only work their hardest if they believe in what they are doing and the mission the coach is encouraging. If he sees both enjoyment and hard work, that is a sign that a coach has created the right kind of environment for the team.