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Why Kids Staying In Sports Is Important

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Dan Gould, a PCA National Advisory Board Member and Director of Michigan State’s Institute for the Study of Youth Sports, is renowned for his work in sport psychology and mental training for athletic competition. He conducts research on the psychological foundations of coaching and has consulted for the U.S. Olympic Committee, the U.S. Tennis Association, and athletes of all ages and skill levels.

In this video, he discusses why it is important for kids to stay involved in sports. According to Dr. Gould, an on-going inactivity crisis has led to an obesity epidemic. In several ways, this inactivity crisis caused rising healthcare costs for everyone. If children stay active and involved in sports, they can benefit themselves and their community in the following three ways:

1) Their own health benefits
2) Preventing the rise of health care costs
3) Valuable life lessons.

Staying active in sports helps kids physically, but kids can also benefit mentally when taught by a competent and intentional coach. Coaches who help athletes stay involved in sports can teach them everyday skills of emotional control, teamwork, and leadership.