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Why Everyone Should Not Get A Trophy

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Vaughn Bryant (@VaughnDerrick), formerly Chief Program Officer for the Chicago Park District, is now the Executive Director for The Chicago Literacy Alliance. A former Stanford University football player, Vaughn reached the NFL, played in NFL Europe and then served as one of the league's Player Development Managers. He also serves on the Chapter Board for PCA-Chicago and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

In this video, Vaughn explains the importance of youth learning about winning and losing, and especially how to bounce back from losses and other setbacks with determination to work harder and improve. While placing a high value on self esteem, Vaughn is "just not a believer" in giving everyone participation trophies, because doing so undermines the message inherent in sports that there are winners and losers in competition, and that to advance in sports or in life requires determination and hard work.