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When Playing Multiple Sports, It Can Be Difficult To Keep Tabs On Injuries

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Tyrre Burks (@TyrreBurks) is the Founder and CEO of Player’s Health, a PCA Trusted Resource that promotes real time communication between coaches and parents through an app to best care for the health and wellbeing of youth athletes. Unfortunately, his entire football career was plagued by injuries and ultimately came to an end by the time he was 24 years old. Although injuries cut Tyrre’s football career short, they also gave him insight into a problem that needs to be solved, which led to the creation of Player’s Health in July of 2015.

Often, in youth sports, it can be difficult to keep tabs on kids injuries, especially when they are playing multiple sports with different coaches and teammates. Because 76% of kids play more than one sport, Burks urges players and parents to communicate injuries between sports more effectively, so that they can draw connections between injuries when kids are playing multiple sports rather than looking at each injury as an isolated incident.

Player's Health is working to improve the communication of injuries for athletes that play multiple sports so that coaches are aware of injury history.