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When Players Know You Care, They Work Harder And Are Easier To Work With

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Christian Lavers (@CLavers1) is the Executive Vice President of C2SA (a part of CSM NA). He leads business development efforts for both US Club Soccer and it's management company, CS2A. Lavers continues to support and consult on efforts relating to US Club Soccer, particularly in the area of strategic and technical development. Lavers is also the President of the ECNL.

Lavers gives his two steps for a coach to get the most out of his or her players. First, letting the players learn and grow through experience and participation versus complex plays and drills has proven much more successful for him. Secondly and most importantly, making sure that the players know that the coaches care for them as a person. A player who understands that they are more than just an X or O to a coach will work harder, be easier to work with, and have a much brighter future in the game.