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What's Your Coaching Priority? Roberson Chooses Relationships

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Roby Roberson has over 27 years’ experience in athletic coaching, recruiting and consulting at the youth, high school, collegiate and professional levels. Roberson, who graduated with Military Distinction in 1989 from the Air Force Academy’s 31st class, is a steadfast proponent and advocate of Positive Coaching Alliance's Double-Goal Coach® model. Roby's passion for coaching is driven by personal fulfillment and the intense desire to serve others, and he fervently believes coaching provides a prized opportunity to teach aspiring youth about life, leadership, values and character.

Here, Roberson discusses why coaches must remember their ultimate job is to provide a positive environment for their players, to help bring those players back to sports season after season. Roberson believes coaches should maintain a measured perspective concerning athletics in life because they have more life experience than their players.

Coaches must also develop patience and prioritize developing relationships with players. Roberson believes PCA’s messages have helped him temper his coaching methods and remind himself that a positive learning experience for the player is most important.