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What Supplements Are Safe? Check For An NSF Certification

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This resource is brought to you by BiPro USA, a proud partner of PCA-Minnesota and a strong advocate in improving the communication and context around proper athlete nutrition. An all-natural whey protein isolate made from milk, BiPro is one of the highest quality proteins available worldwide. It is rich in the amino acid leucine, proven to be the building block of lean muscles, and is trusted by Olympic and Professional Athletes Worldwide.

Here, biPro USA Vice President Polly Olson addresses concerns about the safety of supplements. She explains that since supplements are not regulated by the FDA, it's very important for parents to be cautious about the supplements their children are taking. She advises that parents read the labels on supplements and understand what the products are to ensure they are getting the correct nutrients. The best way to know if a supplement is safe is looking for an NSF Certification because it shows that the product has been tested and will not cause harm.