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What makes a great shot?

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Willie Green is the Phoenix Suns Assistant Coach and a former NBA player. Green played with the Philadelphia Seventy Sixers for the majority of his playing career before switching to coaching in 2016. He was an Assistant Coach for the Warriors under Steve Kerr between 2016 and 2019 and now works as the Assistant Coach with the Suns.

In this video Willie Green offers his definition of a “Great Shot.” The interviewer, Matt King, offers the example of Kevin Durant defining a “Great Shot” as a shot he practices every day. Green agrees with this definition while also adding that if a player has a good shot, there may be a player open who has a great shot, and passing the ball is the better option. Green also talks about how this definition may vary between players, with more dynamic players such as Devin Booker having more freedom, though those players still know when a shot is good or not.