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What To Do When Injured Athletes Want to Play

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TRIA Orthopaedic Center (@TRIAortho) is a comprehensive center for orthopaedic medicine, providing clinical and surgical care, research, and innovative programs, with physicians specializing in sports medicine, acute injury, shoulder, hip, knee, spine, hand and wrist, foot and ankle, and fractures. TRIA’s sports medicine specialists have served as official team physicians for Minnesota’s professional sports teams for over 25 years. For more information, visit

TRIA Orthopaedic is a chapter sponsor of PCA-Minnesota providing education and support around issues such as concussions, over-use injuries and athletic training.  TRIA and PCA-Minnesota are collaborating to make youth and high school sports healthy and fun for all involved.

In this clip, Dr. Anne Moore and Dr. Heather Bergeson explain how to talk with injured athletes who are eager to return to play. One suggestion: Remind them that pain is their body's way of telling them something is wrong, and that even if they could play through pain or injury, they run the risk of being sidelined longer and probably will not perform as well as they want.

It is important that athletes realize injuries are temporary and that proper, timely treatment will help them return to the sport as soon and as effectively as possible. Most importantly, athletes must be encouraged to be honest about their injuries even when they fear losing playing time.