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Visibility of LGBTQ+ Athletes in Sports

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An Olympic Gymnast, entrepreneur and part owner of the Chicago Red Stars, Joshua Dixon has a unique perspective regarding LGBTQ+ inclusivity in sports and his personal journey becoming an openly out athlete in gymnastics. Leading the Stanford Cardinal to win the 2011 NCAA Championship, he went on to win several bronze medals in the Winter Cup. Since graduating from Stanford and moving on from USA Gymnastics, Josh has championed for matters of racial/gender equity and LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport.

Josh opens the video by discussing how professional sports provide a sense of civic pride for any city and community. He goes on to state that if professional athletes come out, then it trickles down through the LGBTQ+ community, and more visibility is gained. Further, Josh states that professional, out, athletes are not only creating more visibility, they are also giving young athletes a sense of hope and possibility that they too, as an LGBTQ+ athlete, can play professionally.