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Uprising Of Love: LGBTI Acceptance In Sports

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In response to issues of LGBTI persecution in Russia during the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games, Uprising of Love recruited this panel of experts for a Google+ Hangout to discuss LGBTI rights and engage the larger community in discussion about the importance of acceptance in sports. Former PCA President Tina Syer (@tinasyer4) participated on the panel.

Coaches aren't often explicitly taught how to support LGBTI athletes who face discrimination due to their sexual or gender identity. Athletes may experience homophobic language, teasing and bullying without support from coaches. Panelists discussed how coaches must stand up against this behavior and language. Even though LGBTI invisibility was encouraged for Russians during the Sochi Olympics, it is important that LGBTI visibility remains a focus for coaches, athletes and leaders in sports.

Panel Members:

  • Tina Syer, Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Alaine Jolicoeur, Advisory Board Member - Campus Pride
  • Ted Farley, Executive Director - It Gets Better Project
  • Anthony Nicodemo, Openly gay high school basketball coach
  • Shane Windmeyer, Executive Director - Campus Pride
  • Romeo Jackson, Advisory Board Memebr - Campus Pride
  • Ashley Mardell, Trevor Project Advisory Council

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