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Under Pressure To Perform? Alternatives To Drugs And Alcohol

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Terry Shapiro is a Professional Relations Officer with Origins Behavioral Healthcare (West Palm Beach, Fla.) and a Certified Addiction Counselor with a Master’s Degree in counseling. He played baseball for Winona State University, served as a scout for Major League Baseball teams and led a baseball academy in Colombia.

In this clip, Shapiro explains that pressures especially in athletes at all ages is inevitable. However, it is how athletes deal with those pressures that can ultimately help them become a better person, and a better athlete. Shapiro states that there are much healthier, and better alternatives to cope with pressure such as meditation and creating a routine on the field of play to help focus. Mental health and mental skills training are becoming game changers for many athletes, and organizations, as every MLB team has a mental skills trainer. He finishes by stating that creating a natural routine when you face pressure, can be very effective and directly affect success on the field and off the field.