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Training Is Natural For Our Bodies Whether It Is Fun or Work

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Ken Taylor (@TheSpeedDr) played for the Super Bowl Champion 1985 Chicago Bears and is now a private coach, specializing in speed training. He was a three-time Pac-10 Academic All America at Oregon State University as a football player and triple jumper/sprinter, while also earning a bachelors degree in exercise physiology and sport science.

In this clip, Ken says that he tells his athletes and their parents that he will be "the weirdest coach you ever have." That is tied to the unusual amount of science he brings to his coaching technique and his desire to have fun and help his athletes remember that sports should be fun.

Somewhere in an athlete's development, training becomes "work." Still, it can be fun, especially when broken down into a simple fact, as Ken sees it: "The human body is meant to perform."