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Tips For Hockey Goalies

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Eric Eisendrath is a former Division One hockey goalie from Brown University and has experience as a soccer, lacrosse, and hockey coach. He also has 20 years of experience in sports television, covering every major league in professional sports and five Olympic Games.

In this video, Eisendrath describes tips to help hockey goalies improve their game. Goalies face unique challenges in their position because they hold a different form of responsibilities and skills than the other members of their team. The pressure can be overwhelming, so Eisendrath provides tips to make this job easier to handle. Summarizing the tips:

1.) Don’t Overswing -- This is a mixed metaphor is used to tell athletes to just focus on the puck and be in the moment.
2.) Break the Game Down -- Breaking the game down to 5 minute increments, or mini games, rather than looking at the whole period can help give athletes a mental reset.
3.) Let the Game Come to You -- Goalies should focus on the big picture and not overthink what they are doing.