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Time Management Tips from MLB All-Star Paul DeJong

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PCA National Advisory Board Member, Paul DeJong (@RealPaulDeJong) plays for the St. Louis Cardinals as shortstop and second baseman. He made his MLB debut on May 28, 2017, hitting a home run on his first swing at-bat. Later that season, he earned the NL Rookie of the Month in July 2017. Paul DeJong was also named an MLB All-Star during the 2019 season and helped the St. Louis Cardinals reach the National League Championship Series (NLCS).

In this video, Paul DeJong talks about the importance of balancing your time and recognizing the importance of discipline. He believes wholeheartedly that sticking to your academic plan and managing your time accordingly will help you become a better athlete. Further, he emphasizes that the discipline you learn in classroom and on the field can help you in several areas of life.