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Rick Davis On How He Learned About Honoring The Game

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Rick Davis, a PCA National Advisory Board Member, is a retired professional soccer player and former member of the U.S. National Team. He played with the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League, and was named Player of the Year in 1979. Davis was elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame in 2001 and served as Executive Director of AYSO.

Davis shares a story in this clip of how his father seized a teachable moment to instill a life long lesson of Honoring the Game. When Davis was watching a baseball game as a child he saw the pitcher intentionally throw a ball at a batter. The batter responded by storming the pitching mound, which Davis thought was fair. But his father told him that feeling wronged does not make it okay to treat someone with the same disrespect. This lesson followed him throughout his professional soccer-playing career.

Athletes at any level sometimes feel victimized by everything from an official's questionable calls to opponents playing outside the rules. But it is not OK to retaliate, and it is important to learn, as Davis did, to uphold your own high standards.