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Respected Leaders Make A Difference Against Hazing And Bullying

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Tony Price (@TonyPriceAD) is the current Athletic Director at Randolph High School in Randolph, MA and was previously the Assistant Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach at Simmons College in Boston. Price is also involved with the Randolph Youth Basketball Association and is known for instilling 'character and confidence' in his student-athletes.

Hazing can take many forms, Price explains, but is often a form of bullying and results in kids feeling isolated from the team. When athletes did not volunteer to be part of something and it is pressed on them, such as carrying equipment, it is a form of bullying that can have dire effects on an individual and a team.

Often, underclassmen are afraid to speak out in hazing and bullying situations because they are scared no one will listen and they will just be bullied further. In these cases, coaches are generally not around so seniors and other respected leaders need to step in and have a voice for victims, because those voices carry weight and people will listen so that the negative bullying and hazing stops.