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Red Flags In Recruiting

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Jason Borrelli (@Jason_Borrelli) is the head wrestling coach at Stanford University. Before joining the Cardinal coaching staff in 2007, Borrelli wrestled and coached at Central Michigan.

In this video clip, Borrelli shares what he and his coaching staff think about when assessing recruits. As skilled as a wrestler may be, Borrelli weighs other factors over talent in many cases. He gives a specific example of a prospect who told his parents to shut up during a meeting. After the meeting Borrelli thought, "There's no way I can take a chance on that. If he's willing to tell his parents to shut up in front of me, who he's only met for a few hours, imagine what he's going to do when I'm asking him to do something in our (wrestling) room."

Ultimately Borrelli pays attention to any pauses or apprehensions he has about a recruit because he knows that trying to change someone will take time away from the work to be done with the team.