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Recruiting Tips For Parents And Athletes

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Capital Lacrosse Club's Director of Lacrosse, Denise Wescott is the driving force behind the club’s player development, team development and college recruitment efforts. She has over 30 years of Division I college coaching experience and was a four-year starting goalkeeper and captain at the University of Maryland in Field Hockey and Lacrosse.

In this video, Wescott advises that parents be involved in their child’s recruitment process. She suggests families first look at the academic side of a school, and advices that they do not jump on the first offer. After researching the school, visiting the campus, and seeing how the coaches and players interact, the athlete and his or her family will then be able to make an educated decision. An ideal situation would be for an athlete to get the opportunity to play the sport that they love, while getting the education that they want, at a school that makes them feel comfortable as a person.