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Recruiting Tip: Take Control Of The Process, Don't Let It Control You

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Noah Jackson co-founded the First Base Foundation in 2003, a non-profit dedicated to making travel baseball more affordable and transforming lives through positive mentorship, developing leadership skills and building self-esteem. He played college baseball at University of California Berkeley, minor league baseball for two years with the Chicago Cubs, and was a top scout in the MLB for 3 years with the San Diego Padres.

In this video, Jackson explains how when being recruited, athletes need to take control of their own process rather than let it control them. Just because a college is recruiting you doesn't mean you should feel pressured into attending that school. Instead, athletes should understand the type of school they are attending for more than the athletic program.

Jackson urges athletes to ask questions such as: Is the school a good size? Do they emphasize academics? Would I fit in socially? When students can start to answer those questions they will get a better feel for the school being a 'fit' for them and will truly understand their commitment rather than feeling pressured by an athletic scholarship.

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