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Gregor Townsend (@gregortownsend is a fromer player and current coach of the Scotland men's national rugby team. He is a five time winner of the Centenary Quaich and two time runner up of the Six Nations Championship. As head coach of the Scotland national rugby team, his accolades include finishing third at the Six Nations Championship and winning both the Calcutta Cup and the Auld Alliance Trophy all in 2018.

Before team meetings, Gregor Townsend has players share information about their families, their own personal lives, and their rugby careers. Townsend and his faculty added a new portion to the session that is a random question generator. For example, what is your biggest regret, or what is your biggest moment, or who had the biggest influence on your career are some of the questions that may be asked. Townsend does this to learn more about each individual player than what just meets the eye.