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Quitting One Sport Does Not Mean You Should Quit All Sports

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Katie Saylor (@saylorwillrun) played and coached Lacrosse at Division III Wellesley College. She continued pursuing her passion in sports by earning her M.B.A. and Master's in Sport Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Katie spent two years as a member of PCA's Marketing team from 2014-2016. Now you can find Katie teaching, coaching, and advising students at The Nueva School (@nuevaschool). She became a PCA trainer in 2015 and loves to meet student-athletes from across the Bay Area.

In the video, Katie discusses how at age 12, a coach told her that she wasn’t good enough at soccer to play at a higher level. Her coach was brutally honest and made her not want to play the sport at all. As she did not love the sport any more, it was probably best that she quit and move on, but it was still important for her to not give up on sports entirely. It was beneficial for her to stay active and try a variety of other sports so that she could find what she was good at besides soccer.

Trying new sports gave Katie a well-rounded experience that she credits for her eventual success as a collegiate lacrosse player. Katie, while learning a life lesson in the process, rose above adversity and did not give up on sports entirely when told she was not good enough at one sport.