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Pros and Cons Of Playing For A Club Or Travel Team

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Linda Crum (@Lg_Crum) played volleyball at University of Iowa and coached at both Iowa State and Ohio State. After a stint as Colorado State University’s Student-Athlete Learning Center Coordinator, she became Positive Coaching Alliance's Chapter Executive Director in Colorado.

In this clip, Crum explores options for involvement in youth sports. Athletes sometimes face a choice of playing for a team they have grown up with in their own community or choosing an elite club that attracts higher-level athletes and plays against the toughest competition. In some cases, Crum explains, the less prestigious club may be more beneficial for youth hoping to develop as both athletes and people.

For example, not playing for a premier club may afford more leadership opportunities. And being a "big fish in a small pond" often lends to athletes experiencing different roles rather than they would as specialists on an elite club or team. For example, a player in a premier volleyball club may only learn three positions because there are other elite players who focus on the other positions.