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Jean Boyd is Arizona State University's Senior Associate Athletic Director for Student Athlete Development. In this capacity he leads Sun Devil Athletics' commitment to graduating and preparing student-athletes to become high achievers in life. He also coordinates student-athlete well-being programs and leads the department's diversity and inclusion efforts.

In this video, Boyd gives tips to high school athletes preparing to play at the next level. First, he warns of the increased intensity level of the balancing act between academics, sports, and social life. Athletically, the amount of time needed to prepare for competition increases dramatically from the high school level. Academically, student-athletes are expected (theoretically, as Boyd points out) to study for 3 hours for every 1 hour class. Finally, socially there is a lot to get involved in at college.

Boyd says the number one reason he sees student-athletes struggle at the collegiate level is procrastination. Getting your work done early in the week and prioritizing your competing interests will help you succeed.

Learn more from Jean Boyd with his 3 tips for time management