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Positive Coaching Is The Most Effective Way To Win And Develop Kids

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Mike Klinzing is the Founder and Executive Director of Head Start Basketball (@HdStartHoops). He is a USA Basketball Youth Development Certified Coach. Mike loves the game of basketball and he always has. When you hear stories about the kid who was always playing basketball in the dark, in the snow, in the living room, that was Mike.

In this video, Mike Klinzing describes how he uses sports to impact the lives of players. He explains that coaches are trying to do two things: develop the best players and develop the best people. Using sports, Klinzing can go beyond when players are with him to actually impact kids' lives in the long term. He believes that coaches should supply the skills and life lessons that allow kids to be successful in all walks of life. Players should come away from coaching knowing how to have positive interactions and understanding what needs to happen to attain success.