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Playing Through A Concussion Is No Sign Of Toughness

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Scott Secules (@ScottSecs) is the Associate Director for PCA-North Texas, after first serving PCA as the Executive Director for the North Texas Chapter. Between these stints, Scott led efforts in the North Texas area for The First Tee. As the son of a high school football coach, Scott brings experiences garnered from a lifetime in sports as a student-athlete, NFL quarterback, intercollegiate athletics administrator and sports parent. A graduate of the University of Virginia, Scott spent six seasons in the NFL with Dallas, Miami and New England, playing with NFL greats such as Troy Aikman and Dan Marino.

In this clip, Secules shares his perspective on concussions: playing through a concussion is no sign of toughness or how good of a player you are, as it will only hurt you later down the road. Parents and coaches should talk openly with young athletes about concussions and the dangers of playing through this injury.

In Secules' home state of Texas, coaches and athletic directors are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of their athletes. Student-athletes and parents are now required to sign a concussion awareness form, so they know what to do if an athlete suffers from a concussion. The most important part of treating a concussion is making sure the athletes admits to the concussion once it happens.