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Playing Multiple Sports Early Helps When You Specialize Later

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Alexi Lalas (@AlexiLalas) was a defender on the US Men's World Cup team in 1994. He is also the first modern-era American soccer player to play in the Italian Serie A. After a career as a Major League Soccer player, Lalas has served as an executive for the San Jose Earthquakes, New York Red Bulls, and Los Angeles Galaxy. In 2006 he was elected into the National Soccer Hall of Fame. He currently works in sports mediaand first started as an analyst for ESPN and ABC Sports before transitioning to FOX Sports.

In this video, Lalas describes his exposure to a variety of sports growing up and how it helped him when he decided to specialize and become a better soccer player. Because he could relate to basketball and hockey, as well as finding time to learn concepts like poetry and music as he grew up, Lalas was able to become a better athlete as well as a better person when he decided to specialize in soccer and make that as career, as there are elements outside of soccer that are useful for overall improvement.