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PCA Google+ Hangout: Phasing Out Hazing

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This Google+ Hangout covers ways that coaches and administrators can work together with their athletes on Phasing out Hazing. Instead of negative initiations, coaches can cultivate camaraderie by teaching teammates to respect each other and to Honor the Game.

Panel members:

  • David Jacobson (moderator), Positive Coaching Alliance
  • Jason Sacks, Former PCA-Chicago Executive Director, current PCA National Director of Business Development and PCA Trainer, who worked on anti-hazing initiatives with PCA partner schools
  • Jeaney Garcia, Former Athletic Director for Punahou School in Honolulu, current PCA-Hawaii Executive Director
  • Pam Herath, Former Athletic Director and Dean of Students, Edmund Burke School
  • Roch King, Carmel (IN) Swim Club

Points covered here include:

  • How schools and organizations can create a hazing policy
  • Clarification between harmless traditions and hazing
  • How hazing relates to bullying
  • The cultural need for acceptance and a desire to be part of a team and a mission bigger than oneself that lets hazing exist
  • Creating a culture where those who would lead the hazing understand that they would be outliers in the culture
  • How the broader sports culture can change in response to better examples from high-profile pro and college sports teams.