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Parents: Rethink Extra Money Spent To Receive College Scholarships

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A PCA-Phoenix Board Member, Mike Nealy (@mjnealy) is the Executive Director of the Fiesta Bowl, serving Phoenix and its surrounding communities with college football bowl games since 1971. The Fiesta Bowl was part of the Bowl Championship Series for years and is now a part of the College Football Playoff. Before guiding the Fiesta Bowl efforts, Nealy spent 8 years with the Phoenix Coyotes, leading the organization to record breaking sales and operating successes as President and COO of the team.

Nealy shares that in an effort to help ensure their kid receives an athletic scholarship, parents often spend money on private lessons, better equipment, and other extras to excel in sports. Sometimes, parents spend more money to help ensure a future athletic scholarship than they might have if they simply saved up for college tuition. Even if parents want their kids to be college or pro superstars, Nealy urges parents to focus on life lessons and fun. In his opinion, parents shouldn't avoid spending money on their kid, but should rethink and understand the way money is spent in helping their kid attend college regardless of athletics.