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Parental Pressure To Play Through Injuries

SPORTS CAN BATTLE RACISM: As a force in education through sports, we vow not to stop at condemnation, but to strive to be a force for reconciliation, through the collaborative actions with coaches throughout our country.

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Dr. Joseph Donahue is an orthopedic surgeon at SOAR Clinic in Redwood City and has served as team physician for the San Francisco 49ers and Stanford University as well as an orthopedic consultant for the San Francisco Giants. He is the team physician for Santa Clara University.

In this video, Dr. Donahue explains that parents living vicariously through their children's sports and/or seeing opportunity for college scholarships can cause parents to rush their kids back from injury. He points out that especially at age 13 or younger, youth athletes can take a year off to fully recover and still have very fulfilling high school sports experiences that can keep them in the running for any scholarships.