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Paralympic Champion: Parents Supporting Athletes With Disabilities

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Muffy Davis (@MuffyDavis) is a former paralympic champion in both the Winter and Summer Olympics. A skiing accident when she was sixteen years old left her paralyzed from the chest down. She won medals in both handcycling (2012 London Games) and skiing (1998 and 2002 games) and is also the first female paraplegic to climb a peak over 14,000 feet.

In this video, Davis urges parents of kids with disabilities to support them in setting goals and chasing dreams. In her opinion, parents are the key to motivating kids with disabilities. When Davis was 7 years old, it was her dream to be an Olympic champion, but she never imagined she'd do it in a wheelchair. To her, it wouldn't have been possible unless her parents had given her the support system she needed.

To Davis, there is no reason kids with disabilities shouldn't receive the same opportunities and benefits provided by sport that able-bodied athletes often receive. Parents that support their kids through the experience so they can enjoy this same beneficial sports experience make all the difference in the world.