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Often Coaches Can Be A Second Father Or Mother

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Greg Lum Ho, a 2017 Double-Goal Coach® Award Winner, coaches basketball, cross country and softball at Kea'au High School. Greg's coaching philosophy stems from his father’s lessons in the tradition of the calabash, a bowl for depositing coins when you have them to give for those in need. Greg's coaching perspective was shaped in part by the loss of his son, Maka’ala, a promising 16-year-old basketball player, who drowned in a 2011 kayaking accident.

In this video, Lum Ho describes how he as a coach makes an effort to be a second father for his athletes, especially those student-athletes in difficult socio-economic positions. Kids with busy parents who cannot attend games or help get them to practice often are in need of a role model and guiding force in their life, even outside of sports, and coaches can help provide that.

Sometimes, all kids want to hear is that someone is proud of them, and the coach can provide that supportive role, not just teaching role, for their athletes.