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Natasha Watley Talks About the Transition from Playing to Coaching

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Natasha Watley is an Olympic gold medalist and former collegiate and pro softball player. Watley played softball at UCLA then went on to play professionally in both the United States and in Japan. During her professional career, she played for the US National Team and won gold medals in both the 2004 and 2008 Olympics while hitting over .450 in both Olympic Games.

In this video, Watley discusses her experience and transition from playing to coaching. She explains the difference between being the one who is coached, told what to do, and inspired to being the one who has to fill the players emotional tanks and finding ways to inspire them. Watley highlights that the most important thing she has learned from coaching is that the actual fundamentals and techniques are much less important than empowering and motivating your players to believe in themselves that they are, and can be great.