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A Message To Athletes: Your Social Media History Is Your Online Resume

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Adam Juratovac (@JvacAttack) is a former student-athlete, social media educator, and coach. He has worked with over 100 professional athletes to help them use social media to establish and leverage their personal brands. He is the author of Student-Athletes And Social Media, a textbook that teaches student-athletes to leverage social media to build their brands for success.

Adam is committed to the betterment of student-athletes by teaching life skills to help build successful post-athletic careers. Adam also brings this focus to his work as a Football Coach at Menlo-Atherton High School in Atherton, CA.

In this video, Juratovac shares how your social media account functions as an online resume. As he shares here, even if you post about going out or "going to the club" once or twice per week, that's 50-100 posts about that per year. When coaches are recruiting athletes, it can take them only about 20 seconds to scroll through everything that you posted in that year.

Coaches often do not have the context of the emotional ups and downs that athletes go through-- all they see is what is posted on social media, so Juratovac advises that athletes be careful about what they post, as coaches often make snap judgments about a player's values based on social media.