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Lon Babby: The Importance Of A Balanced Coaching Style

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Lon Babby, a PCA-Phoenix Board Member, is a Senior Advisor for the Phoenix Suns (@Suns). He is best known for his time as an NBA agent for some of the game's most respected sportsmen: Tim Duncan, Shane Battier, Ray Allen and others. He also spent over 35 years as an attorney, starting with the Washington Redskins, and is known today as one of the 100 most powerful people in sports.

In Babby's opinion, coaches often fall on a spectrum: some are tough disciplinarians which might cause athletes to revolt, while others are easy going and nice so that players don't give the coach due respect. The best coaches can be balanced and are not always tough or always easy going. Babby suggests that Suns coach Jeff Hornacek finds that balance between toughness and respect by finding a middle ground through identifying the needs of his players. This kind of coach, a balanced coach, creates a positive environment that demands respect and is conducive to success.