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Logan Pause: Win The Right Way

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Logan Pause is the Head Coach of Orange County Soccer Club (@orangecountysc) of USL, the USL affiliate of LAFC. Pause was formerly Vice President of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, played collegiate soccer at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and spent his entire 12 year professional playing career with the Fire. Pause was the 2012 recipient of the MLS Fair Play Award, an award given to the player who presents the best sportsmanlike behavior.

During Pause's time as a professional athlete, he focused on playing the game the right way: respecting the rules, officials, teammates and opponents. Although sometimes it was difficult to focus on playing the game the right way in the heat of the moment, it made winning that much more honorable for him. Playing with 'gamesmanship' - like flopping - instead of sportsmanship, is one way to compete in the loop holes of the rules. But Pause believes there are better, more honorable, ways to win.