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Lindsay Gottlieb: The Importance Of Being A Triple-Impact Competitor

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This video features Lindsay Gottlieb, PCA National Advisory Board Member and Assistant Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Before her position with the Cavaliers, she was the Head Women’s Basketball Coach for the University of California, Berkeley. Gottlieb took the program to unprecedented heights, leading the team to its first Final Four appearance and first Pac-12 Conference Championship. She was named Pac-12 Coach of the Year, and was a finalist for the Naismith National Coach of the Year.

In this video, Gottlieb advocates for women’s sports and for the idea that all players can make a difference no matter how much or little they play. She believes in each of her players becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor®.

Despite her intense focus on basketball as a Division 1 coach, Gottlieb supports athletes being involved in other sports so they can learn even more about resilience, processing ups and downs and managing emotions. Specializing in one sport too early can also lead to injury, so it is important for young athletes to experience variety and maintain balanced lives. Working with athletes who embrace those values has contributed to Gottlieb’s success at Cal.