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Life Lessons From Being Cut From A Team

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Vaughn Bryant (@VaughnDerrick), formerly Chief Program Officer for the Chicago Park District, is now the Executive Director for The Chicago Literacy Alliance. A former Stanford University football player, Vaughn reached the NFL, played in NFL Europe and then served as one of the league's Player Development Managers. He also serves on the Chapter Board for PCA-Chicago and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

With remarkable candor and insight, Vaughn recalls being cut after being a fourth-round draft pick in the NFL. Acknowledging that many players who are cut claim politics are to blame, Vaughn instead realized that he "just wasn't good enough" to sway coaches to keep him on the team. Knowing that was a subjective view of the coaches, he did not take it personally. However, he did take the life lesson that he must do everything in his power to position himself to succeed elsewhere and that if he did that, regardless of the result, he could be at peace and hold his head high.