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Learning In Sports And Life Doesn't Happen Without Mistakes

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Marcia McDermott (@SoccerChicago) is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and Head Women's Soccer Coach at Army West Point. McDermott has nearly 25 years of collegiate, professional and national coaching experience under her belt, and served as an assistant coach for the U.S. Women's National Team in 2011. As a student-athlete, McDermott led the University of North Carolina to three national titles in 1983, '84 and '86, serving as co-captain in 1986 during an All-American season.

To McDermott, a focus on a learning environment leads to success and development both on and off the field. If you're going to have a learning environment, she says, you have to cultivate a culture in which mistakes are OK. Coaches and leaders that work to create learning environment must realize that mistakes lead to learning. Athletes, to learn, must put themselves on the edge of their comfort zone where they are bound to make mistakes.