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Kristine Lilly: Emotional Olympic Memory And Advice For Parents

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Kristine Lilly (@KristineLilly) is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and former U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team Captain, who retired from international play with a record 352 caps. Kristine was a four-time NCAA Champion at the University of North Carolina and went on to play in five World Cups, helping the U.S. to championships in 1991 and 1999. She is currently an Assistant Coach for the University of Texas.

In this clip, Kristine recalls the aftermath of her team's loss in the gold medal match of the 2000 Olympics. She felt she'd let her parents down, and as she accepted her silver medal avoided looking at her family in the stands. Now she realizes that should have been the first place she looked, as he parents later let her know of their pride in her, regardless of the match result.

Now that Kristine is a parent, she is careful not to bring a player or coach mentality to her sports parenting. The most important thing, she says, is to focus on your child's development.