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Joy Fawcett On Parents Giving Players Their Space

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Joy Fawcett is a former U.S. National Women's Soccer Team star, two-time World Cup Champion and three-time Olympic medalist. A member of PCA's National Advisory Board, she holds the record as the highest-scoring defender in USWNT history and has a team-record 239 caps. She is known as the "Ultimate Soccer Mom" for raising a family during her playing career, along with her husband, Walt, and

In this video, Fawcett describes the importance of giving your children space. Growing up, Fawcett felt that her parents were very “supportive and encouraging” by cheering on the sidelines, making sure she was on time to practices and games, and not pressuring her to be a part of specific teams. Her parents also would not ask her questions after her games, which gave her space to process her wins and losses. By doing this, her parents made it possible for her to not only play her sport, but also be a part of it for a long time and have fun during the process.