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Jerry Smith, Leslie Osborne On The Transition To College

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This Google+ Hangout features United Soccer Coaches Communications Manager Monique Bowman interviewing Jerry Smith (@SCUJerrySmith), Santa Clara University Women's Soccer Coach, and Leslie Osborne, Jerry's former player, who went on to join the U.S. Women's National Team and enjoy a pro career before returning to Santa Clara as director of the Jerry Smith Coaching for Life Academy. Leslie and Jerry are both members of the PCA National Advisory Board.

The Hangout focuses on high school student-athletes transitioning to life as a collegiate student-athlete. Among the many topics addressed are time management, focus, discipline and many other life skills that are inherent -- yet still must be learned -- in success as a student-athlete.

Other topics addressed, primarily in response to viewer questions, include the value of remaining a multi-sport athlete even throughout high school. Osborne gives a raw, real-world account of the types of coaching she encountered in different sports, and how those coaching styles prepared her for most anything in a very demanding post-college playing career. She also explains in vivid detail how her individual sport (tennis) prepared her for the pressures of penalty kicks in soccer.

Smith excels in dissecting what players must be ready to bring to the college game physically, mentally and emotionally. Throughout the Hangout there are terrific thoughts on what constitutes leadership and how student-athletes become leaders.