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The Importance Of Establishing Your Playing Time Philosophy

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David Jacobson (@CoachDaveJake), a former PCA staff member, has coached children ages five to 15 in baseball, softball and basketball (including his own son and daughter), and has officiated baseball, softball, basketball and flag football.

Here, Jacobson explains that it is important for coaches to have a pre-season meeting with parents to outline playing time expectations. Being honest about playing time from the beginning is an important part of setting the tone for the entire season.

During the season, coaches should aim to follow the standard they set but also be open to conversations with parents regarding playing time throughout the season. It may be best to have these conversations at least 24 hours before or after a game so that emotions are not as high. Consistent communication, starting with a pre-season meeting, can go a long way in assuring parents that playing time is fair.