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The Importance Of A Coach’s Praise For Athletes

SPORTS CAN BATTLE RACISM: As a force in education through sports, we vow not to stop at condemnation, but to strive to be a force for reconciliation, through the collaborative actions with coaches throughout our country.

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Steve Mariucci (nicknamed "Mooch") (@SteveMariucci) is an American sportscaster primarily for NFL Network. Before that, he was head coach of two different NFL teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions. Mariucci also coached collegiately for the University of California Golden Bears.

In this video, provided through PCA's national partnership with USA Football, Mariucci talks about the importance of complimenting and reinforcing the good in players. Often players want to please their coaches so by a coach acknowledging good deeds, it positively impacts a player's self-esteem and growth.